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Finding Motors

Of course price is important, but, there's a couple other things to think about:

  • Motors fit in a bolt pattern that is defined by the NEMA standard for the Frame size, so it's gotta meet that
  • The Application means things like is it going to get wet, etc and we have Filters to help you with that
  • The Specifications mean the HP, the shaft size and things like that - we'll help you through that selection



Finding Parts

We'll help you out whether it's worth repairing or not.  When you start adding up your Repair $, we'll show you the MSRP replacement $, and we'll give you our best price on just that.  


You can buy Parts or Tools from us.



Start with the Model# and enter that into the Search (you'll need that so we can get you a Drawing).  This pic is a sample of where to find the model number.


Dewalt Tool Model Number

Search Power Tools


    • Once you've got this, you can either enter it into the Search or work your way down to it.  For example, the above is a Dewalt>Band Saw
    • If you don't know the Model#, then click on the Manufacter and drill (pun intended) down to the Type of Tool it is.  In the above example, you would click on the following:

Search Power Tools

Search Power Tools

    • From the Drawing, look for the part you need.  It has a Fig# that shows up in the Parts List

Search Power Tools

    • When you find the part you need, add it to your Cart

Search Power Tools

    • You might want to download the PDF to help put it back together - or just come back and view the Drawing online.